In what should I give you my dirty clothes for the first pick-up?


For your first pick-up, simply fill a clean plastic bag with the clothing you would like cleaned. A tied grocery bag works well for small orders and a clean trash bag is great for larger orders.

Anything you would like washed in a washing machine, dried in a tumble dryer and then folded should go into its own plastic bag(s). The price of your order is based on the bag size filled as listed below.

  • Kitchen trash bags (10 – 15 gallons) are equivalent to a 25 LB Gopher Laundry bag.
  • Semi-full large trash bag (i.e. half-full 30-gallon trash bag) is equivalent to a 35 LB Gopher Laundry bag.
  • Full large trash bag (30 gallons) is equivalent to a 25LB + 35LB Gopher Laundry bag.

Anything you would like cleaned, pressed and returned on a hanger should go into a separate plastic bag(s). If you have items that require special care, such as air drying or special spotting, please place these items into another separate plastic bag with an accompanying note.

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